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OSQ Now Becomes One Of The Major Names Among The Providers Of Food Packaging Solutions, Globally

Moscow, Russia (18th December 2017) - OSQ is a Russian manufacturer and exporter of environment-friendly food packaging solutions, serving the domestic as well as the international markets around the globe. Its products are appreciated for the high utility they serve to the users and the environment; among them various foods-based companies such as fast food, take away, caterers, bakeries and companies from the HoReCa segment across the world. OSQ packaging was established to offer effective, economical and ecological packaging solutions to the food industry. The provider has been in this business for a significant span of time, and in its present standing, it is among the most sought-after and trustworthy providers of food packaging, food containers and take away boxes around the globe . The company has got a massive inventory of products that fetches for the buyers the most suitable solutions to their needs. In addition, to the standard products, the company has got the expertise to offer customized solutions to all their customers. GDC, the parent company, is a technology-driven company that adopts modern manufacturing techniques to produce the best grade food packaging solutions. The company adheres to the international quality parameters that ensures that buyers will always get the best quality products at reasonable rates and the most delightful services unlike their competitors. “Though food packaging is a key requirement for the food industry, these items act as a major contaminant in the environment. In some instances, these products, even contaminate the foods, packed inside it. Our solutions are Environment-friendly and they secure food for the longest span of time. Most importantly, we are serving quality products at the most economical rates. In addition, we have got a reputation for offering delightful support services to our customers. Hence, we enjoy sheer leadership in the domestic and international market”, stated the company’s spokesperson. About OSQ: OSQ is a Russia-based manufacturer and exporter of food packaging solutions, catering to the foods-based companies, inland and across the globe. Contacts: Head Office Address: Proyektiryemyy Proezd 4062, 6/16, 115432, Moscow, Russia. Call: + 7 (495) 773-87-18 Email: clients@osqgroup.ru Branch Offices Address:Sedova, 11/2, A Business Centre “Marvel”, St. Petersburg, Russia. Call: +7 (812) 927-87-18 Email: clients@osqgroup.ru Address: Vostochnaya 1A, Poselok Industrialniy, "Logocenter Kuban" Krasnodar, Russia Call: +7 (861)243-87-18 Email: clients@osqgroup.ru Warehouses Address: Belokamennoe Shosse, 14 Leninisnki Area, Vidnoe, Moscow Region . Address: Gorskoe Shose, 6/B Sklad 1,Parlovo, St. Petersburg Region Address: Ruklos str. 12C, LT-55198 Jonava,Lithuania