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OSQ Launches new packaging line ‘ENJOY’ for fast food with eye-catching designs

Moscow, Russia – OSQ, a Russian-owned and operated subsidiary of the GDC group that works to provide a complete range of sustainable packaging solutions, which are 100% locally designed and developed in total compliance with the latest industry regulations and standards, this week excitedly launched a completely new fast food packaging line “Enjoy” with funky, cool designs as a response to customer requests. Born from a passion for creating a line of packaging that was multicolor with original designs, OSQ responded to customer requests for developing packaging that spoke for itself. “We wanted to rollout a packaging line that helps our customers stand out from the competition,” said Dmitry Saveliev, founder and owner of OSQ. “We have created a beautifully artistic line that will help any food operation revamp their own image while simultaneously boosting sales across the board.” OSQ’s sustainable food containers are highly sought after by HoReCa, food and beverage companies, caterers, delivery companies, fast food restaurants, distributors, wholesales, on-the-go servers, and more. “Enjoy” packaging has been applied to OSQ’s burger box, hot dog packaging, French fries packaging, wrap packaging, nugget box, fast food trays, chip cone, cup holder and noodle box availability. The new packages are easy-to-use and perfect for food products of all sizes. The burger package is 100% biodegradable, the pillow pack is designed from eco-friendly paperboard, and the hot dog trays are created from recycle paperboard. “Our cartonboard food containers are the sustainable packaging of the future that every food entity should be considering,” said Michael Comi, marketing and PR director. “Spread the word on the launch of our “Enjoy” artsy packaging line, and head on over to our website today to get a better look at our artistic packaging flair.” All of OSQ’s packs are delivered assembled and ready to use by clients. The “Enjoy” line is available at a very competitive industry rate. For more information, visit our product catalog or ask for free samples.