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OSQ Launches Fully Biodegradable Range to Meet Takeout and HoReCA Needs

The need for easily biodegradable, eco-friendly takeout food containers is a very real one.  After a great deal of research and development, GDC brand  OSQ has launched a new biodegradable line that meets these requirements in a remarkable, cost-effective way. September 21, 2018 A large and ongoing problem that has plagued the food service industry is a lack of takeaway containers that are environmentally sound. The good news is the Russia-based GDC Group are answering the call in this area through the sustainable OSQ brand.  OSQ, known for making quality food containers, have celebrated the launch of a new aspect for their takeout and HoReCA products designed using a special process and materials to make them quickly biodegrade and be truly eco-friendly.  After successfully passing all testing needs, the new biodegradable containers are available for sale. The enthusiasm surrounding this new aspect of their catalog is high. “First of all our packaging is designed to reduce damage to the environment,” commented CEO of GDC group Dmitry Saveliev.  “What’s more? This packaging delivers an image of our customers being concerned about the environment and ecologically conscious, adding significant value to this important area.” It's clear that the future will only hold more environmental regulations, making GDC Group a pacesetter in companies who accept this reality.  Now offering the OSQ cutting-edge bio laminated food packaging line, which is 100% biodegradable, made from a biodegradable lining and paper ethically sourced from Russian forests in a sustainable way, waste will definitely be reduced! In a similar fashion, GDC’s reputation as a “Green Company” will certainly spread as this new option and element of the established OSQ brand catches on. Director of GDC Marketing Department Michael Comi, continued, “We have been long asked to create 100% eco-friendly degradable packaging, and we couldn’t ignore this requirement from our valued customers. We have been working on it for a long time, researching many options, and we finally found a real solution to the problem. Our new biolaminated food containers are able to degrade in the environment completely and quickly. We’ve conducted all the necessary tests and certifications. Now it’s time to launch production to the world market.” In addition to its eco-friendly qualities, the takeout containers retain the main features and are perfectly functional.  They are safe to use in microwave, are completely leak proof, hot food friendly, gorgeous and certified. The packaging biodegrades in just 6 months compared to 400 years for plastic, a quite stunning comparison for anyone even remotely concerned with the future of the world. For more information be sure to visit https://osqgroup.ru/en, e-mail us at clients@osqgroup.ru or call us here: + 7 (495) 773-87-18 Ends