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ECO BURGER XL – new size in OSQ packaging line

We are expanding! And here’s the new product in OSQ packaging line – ECO BURGER XL-size burger package. 1/3 higher than the L-size package, so works perfectly for the king size burgers. Would you like to know more about ECO BURGER XL packaging advantages?
  • easy to use
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • not requiring assembly
  • comes in packs of 150 items
  • available for custom design orders for over 15000 items
  • microwaveable
  • made of renewable paperboard
  • certified
Interested? Please call + 7 (495) 773-87-18 (Moscow is at GMT+3) or contact us via social media or visit our product catalog for more information https://osqgroup.com/catalog/ OSQ is a Russian-owned and operated subsidiary of the GDC group that works to provide a complete range of sustainable packaging solutions, which are 100% locally designed and developed in total compliance with the latest industry regulations and standards. OSQ’s sustainable food containers are highly sought after by HoReCa, food and beverage companies, caterers, delivery companies, fast food restaurants, distributors, wholesales, on-the-go servers, and more.