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Nonstop Manufacturing Capabilities

We have been from the very beginning a designer, a producer and a manufacturer of carton-board food packaging disposals. Unlike most food packaging companies, we own the manufacturing and production process from start to finish.

We manufacture our packaging following strict policies maintaining safety and quality at all times. We develop efficient and environmentally-friendly packaging with the end user in mind and the benefits our packaging can offer them and their customers to stand out from the crowd.

Skladi 1 - Manufacturing

Own production core competencies

Safety & Quality

We take quality and safety very seriously therefore we are constantly carrying out inspections throughout the entire process. We track and monitor every element prior, during and after production.


We measure and record the performance of all raw materials, adhesives, coatings and manufacturing settings. All materials are thoroughly checked and tested in our laboratories before going to production.

Tailor made packaging

Bespoke packaging processes are implemented easily and quickly through our in house RnD department limiting error possibilities and time delays.

On-Time Delivery

Cut out the middle man and decrease delivery turnaround as we ship directly from our manufacturing site and warehouses eliminating all logistics issues.